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How our Color Consultant can help

When it comes to updating or renovating your home; choosing the right color can be stressful. Our Color Consultant is here to not only help you capture the right mood and feeling but make this a seamless experience.

​​We’re the experts in color…
Our consultants are experts in helping you identify the perfect color scheme for your house. They will create a custom color palette to bring your visualization to life. Your color consultant has the ability to assist with the whole ensemble for each room; from wall treatment, to furniture and paring it up with the right color.  

Big Savings

Utilizing our consulting services can you save you money. Purchasing paint samples or fabric swatches can get expensive if you aren’t sure of what color scheme you want. It can be costly and timely with multitude of trial and error. Well fret no more! Our Color consultant can help narrow down the color scheme of your choice to minimize the back and forth and countless of samples. Often times people don’t take into the account of lighting within the room and once the walls are painted, they determine it’s a huge mistake. Hiring our services can help avoid the costly mishaps. 

We’re in the “know”

Color trends are often missed when considering the color of your choice. Why is this important? Consider the latest trend for your home and can significantly impact the resale of your home. This may be attractive to future potential buyers. Your Color specialist can offer slight adjustment from extreme to subtle makeover. We at  ​Painting Company of Sandy Springs consultants, keep up with the latest trend so you don’t have to.

Painting Projects at Ease

Can’t decide?
Fear often takes over when the final decision needs to be made. You may second guess your decision, worry that it is a disaster, and afraid you’re stuck with the wrong look. Our color experts are here to give you the confidence of your decision and provide re-assurance that the end product will be the right choice.

Objective point of view 
Can’t get everyone onboard with your decision. Let your consultant be that mediator and provide an objective view point. Although, we will not make the decision for you, we can help everyone come to neutral ground. Our color experts can provide creative ways to help everyone visualize the final product.

Why us?
Hire our color consultant and put your mind at ease with your next painting project. Not only our consultant services are affordable, but it can save you time and minimize your stressed in your renovation project.

Call Painting Company of Sandy Springs now and ask about our promotion offer with our painting projects. We service in all areas of Atlanta and will be promptly at your door step in your first appointment.

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