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Primarily, excellent customer service and satisfaction are what drives a business to success. But customer service is something you can't show your potential clients if they don't walk inside your business, right? Well, this where having an attractive and aesthetically pleasing exterior comes in.

PC Of Sandy Springs is one of the foremost paint contractors in our area. We offer a wide variety of commercial painting services to create, maintain, and renovate your businesses' exteriors.

Painting jobs are our core services. Our highly experienced painters can handle any parts of your commercial establishments. Our full range of services covers elements like facades, wood, drywall, roof, and even staircases. No matter what job it is, the PC of Sandy Springs has you covered.

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Our Top-Notch Process - Here's how it works

Through a culmination of years of experience and handling different types of projects, our team aims to provide the people of Sandy Springs with high-quality paint jobs while respecting our clients' business property. Are you worried about missing a day for your business? Fret not, as our skilled painters are fast and efficient, ensuring that any jobs are done correctly and timely. You won't miss out a day more than what we promise.



When it comes to painting exteriors, what separates a good painter from a bad one is the surface's preparation process. Our team's preparation includes scraping and sanded to remove any leftover paints from the old paint job. This process makes sure that no dirt or leftover paint that may ruin a smooth foundation is removed.

Another critical factor that needs a professional's attention is rust on the exteriors. Your commercial establishments' exterior is you and your clients' first line of defense against any outside force like rain. This natural wear and tear creates small damages and encourages rust development. Our team is highly trained to power-washed these rust and overlay a better paint job. Our skilled painters are also well-versed in small carpentry repairs as part of our aim to provide excellent service.

High Quality Equipment


In any painting job, protecting a client's property should always be the priority. What good is a skilled painting company if their customers' property is part of the collateral damage, right? Well, you don't have to worry, as all of our team members are well informed in proper maintenance and caring for the property. Before any paint cans are open, we first layout protective equipment like plastic covers and drop cloths to act as shields for any accidental paint drops. We also have complex and advanced machines like platform lifts and ladders to reach every nook and cranny of your commercial establishment with ease and safeness in mind. Warning signs are also laid out throughout the project site to warn anyone that there is an ongoing paint project. Caution tapes, barriers, and wet paint warnings are set up to redirect your employees and customers to safe passages throughout the area.

Precision Skillsets


Our team uses the best quality paints and the most up-to-date tools when performing any paint jobs. We make sure to use siliconized caulking that helps prevent water from penetrating through wood exteriors. We also utilize industry-standard primers and finishers working on metallic surfaces and oil-based primers for wood to have that luster that attracts potential customers.

Different painting techniques such as rolling and spraying are also part of your business's customized plan to ensure a professional-looking exterior for your business.

Sandy Springs #1 Choice for Commercial Painting

PC of Sandy Springs is known for excellent commercial painting. Our paint jobs guarantee that your business will be on an eye-catching level to attract new customers and further enhance your business. Our exceptional team is world-class and is dedicated to providing you top-notch service. Call us now, and let's transform your business to a whole new level!

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