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High-Durability Coating Fulton County

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Aside from having an aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior, what makes a great business great? It’s the pro-activeness to create a cleaner and safer environment for customers and their employees. 

Areas that are often busy and are burdened by the stress of your business’s nature need a coating applied to them. Not only do these products make your paint more durable and shinier, but it also provides resistance against marks and stains without leaving any blemishes.

Commercial establishments require these coatings on their painted interiors and exterior to withstand environmental wear and tears. Coatings used for commercial places are usually specialized and durable.

Here at PC Of Sandy springs, our professional painters are experienced in selecting and applying paint coatings for various places. Shopping centers, apartment complexes, office buildings, and retail stores are some of the projects that are included in our books. No matter how complex your commercial establishment is, our team can handle it!

Our Coating Service Fulton County

PC of Sandy Springs is one of the leading coat service providers in our area for several years. We specialize in different techniques like brush, roller, and airless applications of high-quality coatings for commercial and industrial establishments. Our service is both timely and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

High-Durability Coating Atlanta

  • Specialized coatings like Epoxy and PU have protection against blemishes, corrosion, and smearing.
  • Surface preparation. Blasting and cleaning roofs, walls, and floorings to ensure that no dirt remains on the surface before the coat is applied. Our team is well-versed in all types of surfaces for cleaning and preparation. Forms schools to large food processing plants.
  • The materials that make up the coatings we used are covered by international requirements such as the VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. Water-based and VOC-free coatings are used to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Commercial Floor Coating

Most business owners might think coats are mainly used for walls and ceilings to maintain their glossy and shiny finish. But your establishment’s floors are just as important. Our team of professionals will work hand in hand with you to create the perfect coat finish for your business. Achieving a glossy, non-slippery, and durable floor is what every business owner wants.

Not only will your floor exude professionalism, our custom coating materials and techniques will also make them highly resistant to foot traffic, even for the most active types of businesses. When you choose PC Of Sandy Springs for your custom coating, you can expect these benefits.

  • A team of highly professional and trained painters that will strive hard to achieve and match the finish that your brand is hoping for
  • Highly customizable pre-tinted solutions to have that pigment-perfect color throughout the coating process.
  • Absolute protection for your floors that come with a 2-year guarantee
  • A floor that is abrasion resistant, strong enough to handle any wear and tear from your day-to-day business.

No matter what material or design your floor is made of, our team can coat it entirely. Our finishes are custom-tailored to every client that we serviced. Whether you prefer a glossy and professional-looking floor or a jagged surface for additional safety, we will change our plans to ensure that our work is designed to what you want for your business.

Choosing the right guy for the job in Sandy Springs

Coating finish is now becoming a necessity rather than a choice. They provide an added layer of protection for your commercial establishment as well as a safety feature for you and your customers. To achieve this, one must ensure that any contractor handling commercial-grade coating projects is well-trained and well-equipped. Environmental factors such as heat, chemicals, and abrasions require a dedicated professional paint coater.

For business owners looking for a trusted company to handle their coating, contacting a painting company like PC Of Sandy Springs is the only way to go. Coating a commercial building needs careful planning and design. Any plans should be custom-tailored to the business that it is being applied to. We can inspect and evaluate what your needs are when you give us a call. We offer several techniques and systems that are proven to work over our years of experience. Call us today and experience the best coating service Sandy Springs has to offer!

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