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Residential Painting

Our residential interior painting services will turn your house into a home. Whether you are going for a full remodel of your home or you are deciding to add a new accent wall, you only deserve the best quality service and a flawless finish. Our experienced and well-trained painters will provide an efficient, seamless, and timely interior painting job for your residential property in order to make a world of difference to your house’s overall curb appeal. If you are looking for the best Residential painting Sandy Springs, we have the necessary tools and resources ready to help you. Contact us today and our experts will come to you to offer a free color estimate and consultation.

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Commercial Painting Atlanta

Keeping your commercial property well-painted not only increases its overall curb appeal but also attracts more customers and increases productivity. However, interior painting for commercial properties is a complex job that should be left for the professionals. With years of experience in the industry, we are qualified to carry out such a complicated job for you. Our experienced and skilled painters are trained to perform their job in a way that does not affect your daily operations. We work closely with our customers so that with their partnership we can plan a budget, decide a timeline, and choose painting materials and products. For the best Commercial painting Sandy Springs, only trust us.

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The Benefits of Interior Painting Projects

For people who own a home, one of the most exciting aspects can be defining and decorating it into space that reflects personal style. While not everyone chooses to remodel their home, most people love to do upgrades and improve its look with new interior painting projects.

  • Cost effective room makeover: Painting a room can help it appear revitalized, energized, more expansive, and even create a warm and cozy atmosphere depending on the interior paint colors chosen. It is the most affordable option to obtain an updated look.
  • Surface repairs: Painting projects can also uncover any imperfection of the surface and our expert painters have the skills to repair damages to ceilings or walls. This will ensure a smooth, seamless look throughout the project.
  • Selling a home: If you're selling your home, it can become a more attractive feature and obtain prospective buyers.

Are you ready to take on this challenge by remodeling and increase your home’s aesthetics for a positive change? Let Painting Company of Sandy Springs spread color throughout your house and life.

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Sandy Springs Painting Services

Wall painting: The experts will repair any damage or cracks on the walls and then paint the walls to the color of your choice. We ensure the highest quality of primer and paint is used to provide you the perfect look.

 Ceiling painting: A room can never look attractive if only the walls are neat, and the ceilings are in a deplorable state. Just like the walls, the painter will clean the ceiling and repair it before painting. This may warrant removing the popcorn/Stipple ceiling if needed.

● Door and Window Painting: What a wonderful way to make your house pop by a fresh coat of paint for your windows and door. This provide a complete look for your renovation or upgrade.

● Baseboard/Trim Painting: Because of wear and tear, the trim around the floor usually gets damaged and even grungy. Let our expert team fix them and bring your walkway and borders of the room come alive.

● Wallpaper Removal and Installation: Old wallpapers make a room untidy. Our professionals can remove them, then install new ones. This is a task that's frustrating and tedious. The old wallpaper has to be removed carefully, not to damage the walls, which can be expensive to repair. The surface is then repaired to clear any imperfections and surface abrasion. This is done by sanding and using skim coats. The wall is then cleaned before applying a new coat of primer, and the final wall installation completed.

● Cabinet Painting: When the cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen, office, or any other room gets dirty, they will become unsightly. The most affordable way is to restore their attractive look through painting. Like the walls and ceilings, our team will prep the surface in mint condition prior to painting.

● Popcorn Scraping: For those who want the popcorn texture removed from their ceilings, our expert team can give the house a modern look. Our team take careful measures to seal off the room and edges to contained the debris. We will finish every phase of the job in mint condition.

● Special Texturing: Texturing adds beauty to walls. Want to add more creative flair to a room? Try Faux painting. This is where our team love to show off their talent; bring out your creativity and be bold to choose this eccentric look.

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Ready for a new look?

Hiring Painting Company of Sandy Springs is the best choice and the right choice because “We’re not done, until you say we’re done”. We provide the most affordable prices in Sandy Springs and all of Atlanta. Call us now and we will offer you a discount for your first painting project.

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