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What Exactly Is A Limewash?

A classic lime-based paint that is often used in brick or other masonry surfaces, giving it an old and classical feeling to its looks. It may sound a bit basic, but lime washing the walls of a house involves many different materials and techniques to achieve that antique look. Other times referred to as a “whitewash. Limewash is a mixture of grounded limestone and mixed with water to make lime putty. The putty then is aged and thinned with water and colored with natural pigments. 

Nowadays, more and more homeowners choose Limewash paint for their spaces because of its ability to create texture and add depth to walls. It creates a surface with a matte-like and mottled with a chalky texture, something like a suede. If ever you’re thinking about bringing the classic old-world style vibe into your home, you may want to consider using Limewash instead of regular paint. 


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What is Limewash used for?

Limewash is a very traditional paint that has been used for more than a thousand years ago in many countries around the world.

In this day and age, a Limewash can be used indoors and outdoors. Traditionally, Limewash is used on lime plaster and render but can also be used over brick and masonry that has been covered with mortar made from lime. Though Limewash is often considered as a decorative coating, Limewash is actually a protective layer to the lime coatings and masonry substrate. Limewash can also be used as a repairing material, being used to fill small shrinkage cracks on the lime coverings. It can also be used in combination with different aggregates to make shelter coats for crumbly masonry and act as a sacrificial protective coat instead. 

Limewash for the Outdoors

When used outdoors, Limewash requires customary renewal, usually around every two years. While it requires regular maintenance, you can improve its’ durability by adding binders such as tallow or casein:

  • Casein is a phosphoprotein commonly found in the milk of mammals. When added with Limewash, it can act as waterproofing and ward off dust. 
  • Tallow is a rendered form of beef or pig fat. It provides the same benefits as casein, but much easier to find.

Limewash is perfect for internal use as it is not affected by rising damp, which breaks down most other paints. Keep in mind that it is not ideal to use binders like tallow or casein as this will decrease absorption and hinder the evaporation of moisture within the wall.

Limewash is also known for being environmentally-friendly; it is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free, which makes it better for your indoor environment and a much healthier option compared to modern house paints that are filled with chemical substances. It also improves the air quality of your home by removing any harmful odors making Limewash breathable. Limewash is also hypoallergenic - Limewash pH level is at 12-13, which means that invaders such as bugs pretty much won’t survive on it. 


Limewash Atlanta and Beyond

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Ready To Take a Leap?

As you may have noticed by now, Lime-washing is a very delicate process which requires a capable team to be done properly. Call us now and experience one of the best Limewash service providers in Sandy Springs!

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