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Restoration Painting

Whether you are anxious to give a whole or partial new look to your home, whether inside or outside, there are many projects that could be tackled. A favorite is painting kitchen cabinets to get a new and fresh look. Another is installing wallpaper for a totally different appearance. Deck painting is a way to spruce up your outdoors. PC of Sandy Springs can bring your house, room, building back to life.


​Painting kitchen cabinets

When you think of the contrast between the cost of paint, materials, and possible labor to the high cost of new kitchen cabinets, clean paint to freshen them up is a clear winner when you want to do an update and a kitchen makeover. That creates a kitchen environment that is inviting and is a place to take cooking seriously.
With modern kitchen appliances of stainless steel, black or a dark gray color for the cabinets is a solid choice that will blend in beautifully as it reflects off your shiny appliances to seamlessly blend everything together. However, if you prefer white or a color to liven things up, there are many to choose from.

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Painting Company Sandy Springs GA -cabinet

Cost to Paint Cabinets

The average cost to paint cabinets varies greatly depending on their age and condition, the wide range of paint prices, the method, any optional features, and the time if there are labor costs. An average cost may be $3.00 to $6.66 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot. The total price for labor and materials per square foot finished is an average $5.26, which is between $3.26 to $7.26, with a typical 120 square foot finished project costing an average of $631. Depending on condition of the cabinetry, we have customized packages so you only pay for what is needed.

The average amount to hire a professional painter for your cabinets could be an example of 300 square feet of cabinets being an average of $875 to $1,997. Removing and painting the cabinet doors could cost a finished average of $2,000 to $8,000 depending on the paint quality, the size of the kitchen, and the amount of detail work including such details as having to paint the inside of the cabinets and not just the outside. If not spraying the cabinets in place, our professional painters will most likely have to use a combination of a roller and a paint sprayer to brush the cabinet boxes and remove doors and drawer faces to spray them outdoors. We at PC of Sandy Springs is the most affordable pricing in the Atlanta and Metro area.

Wallpaper Installation

There are many steps needed prior to wallpaper installation. Our experts will prepare the wall surface, design a layout of the wallpaper to create the fewest seams and tackle unforeseen challenges. It takes a skillful expert to carefully activate and/or apply the adhesive. Our professionals only use high-quality tools and have the necessary trade skills to apply them in the most efficient way. Wallpaper comes in rolls with a single roll averaging 21 inches x 16.5 feet, which is a total square footage of 4,158 square inches. Don’t get frustrated tackling wallpaper installation, let our experts transform your room with ease and save you time and money.

Deck painting and staining

Decks are exposed to harsh conditions including rain, snow, sunlight, and the occasional food spills. Deck painting or staining and periodic refinishing are essential to keep your deck looking good for years.
Painting a deck is a great way to restore and protect your deck, add color to your outdoor area, and also cover up any imperfections in the wood caused by exposure of several surfaces of every piece to the weather. Paint is also more durable than a stain. Anti-skid additives can be added to the paint when it is mixed to provide a better grip.

Promotion and more..

When you want your renovation or restoration of residential or commercial painting to be done properly, it is best to employ a professional and trustworthy local service. Painting Company of Sandy Springs is the best choice. For example, our team will make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible and will make good use of our experience, expertise, quality service, and knowledgeable customer support. Get a quote for the fair costs for your specific project requirements. As an added incentive, we will even offer coupons when you mention our website.

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